English-speaking driving school
in Frankfurt

We are an international driving school in Frankfurt with experienced English-speaking and French-speaking instructors. Whether you like to get an official German driver’s license for a car / motorcycle or just want to improve your driving skills, international Fahrschule Metz is the right place. We have two offices in Frankfurt (Sindlingen and Zeilsheim) for theory classes 2 times a week, which allows you to be flexible and efficient in order to prepare for the theory exam. Our English-speaking driving instructors are patient and well known for their positive attitude. Get in touch with us to talk about your tailored program!

Auto Führerschein Klasse A Fahrschule Metz Frankfurt

International Driving School
  • English-speaking driving school in Frankfurt (2 office locations)
  • Flexible theory classes (2 times a week) and driving classes
  • Tailored programs that meet your personal and professional situation
  • We help you with administrative barriers and paperwork
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Your English-speaking driving school in Frankfurt

Metz Fahrschulen is an owner-operated family business founded in 1982, that has evolved into one of Frankfurt’s most popular driving schools. We have a great team of driving instructors with native French speakers as well as experienced English speaking staff. We are highly specialized in teaching nervous and anxious drivers, from young teenagers to elderly people.

This means that our International Driving School team is happy to customize and tailor each program of theory and driving classes to your personal needs, so that you can learn driving in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere without pressure or stress. Our offices for theory classes are located in Frankfurt Zeilsheim and Sindlingen – all easily accessible by public transportation with bus and/or S-Bahn stations nearby. We can arrange pick-ups for the driving classes at your home, university or work place.

Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss all of your questions in a face-to-face meeting or personal call.

  • English-speaking support and back office
  • English-speaking driving instructors and owners
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